Session #2 (part 1): All or nothing

Faced with the prospect of execution, the Journeyman begins to takes matters into his own hand, but not all of his newfound companions are cooperating.

Session #2 (part 1): All or nothing

In the last session, the Journeyman was condemned to death for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He’s imprisoned in a notorious dungeon — the Arsehole of Akrium — along with two battered palace guards, a mysterious Khemronite woman, a sinister Northerner, and the debauched Royal Poet who promises the means of their escape.

Several hours have passed since the Poet revealed his plan of escape, and the Journeyman convinced the reluctant prisoners to help. As night falls the temperature plummets, at first, it is a relief from the day’s oppressive heat, but soon the prisoners begin to shiver. With the plan to escape reliant on the arrival of another condemned prisoner, despondency soon sets in as the hours crawl by, with no sign of activity above.

The Northerner, suspicious of the Poet’s motives questions the minutiae of the plan, which is vague in several key points. The Poet merely quips that he knows what he is doing, and it will be up to the Journeyman to secure their release. This irritates the Northerner, who harbours some grudge against the Journeyman, though he does not know why.

Meanwhile, the Journeyman quietly but methodically works at the chains binding his wrists. Although the Poet promised to release him when the time is right, the Journeyman is not prepared to trust his fate completely to him. The metal is corroded, and with his skin slick with sweat and grime, he attempts to slip free of the cuffs.

Oracle, are you listening...

Oracle: What is thy question?

Does the Journeyman have a hope in wriggling free?

Oracle: Thine answer is revealed on the Table of Unknown Outcomes

Rolled (1d20, 14), which requires a roll on the complication table (1d6, 6)

Oracle: Yes he can succeed with sufficient dexterity...and if he does he will gain an ally

Our Journeyman is a persistent and stubborn soul, and is blessed with thick wrists and supple hands.

Dexterity check against DC 12
Rolled 10 (+2 Dex bonus)
Check passed

His persistence is rewarded when his right hand slips free of his bonds. Although trying to be discrete, both the Poet and the Khemronite woman notice his success, but watch in silence until he manages to free his left hand. The Poet then asks that he be free first because he needs his hands to effect their escape. At this point all the prisoners realise what is happening and a commotion begins.

The Journeyman orders them all to be quiet.

Intimidation check against DC 12
Rolled 18 (+1 CHA bonus)
Check passed

His commanding presence brings a measure of order to the desperate prisoners. The Journeyman then attempts to free the Poet, but he cannot as his chains are much newer and the poet is cursed with thin wrists. Frustrated, he stops short of ripping his hands off.

Then the Khemronite woman speaks, ignoring the harsh rebuke of the Northerner, and offers the Journeyman something that will help if he frees them all. Having already decided he would, the Journeyman agrees. The Khemronite woman then instructs him to remove the pin from her hair, she was unable to reach with her hands held aloft. He takes the pin and proceeds to pick the lock of her chains.

Dexterity check against DC 12
Rolled a Nautral 1 (fuck!)
Check spectacularly failed

In his haste and in the poor light, the Journeyman snaps the pin and the pieces splinter off in different directions. The Khemronite woman curses, but tries to salvage the situation, but she is cut off when the Northerner aims a kick at the Journeyman’s knees.

Northerner attacks to beat AC of 10
Rolled a 17 (+2 STR bonus)
Check passes
Journeyman takes 1 damage

The kick swings low, for it is dark and the Journeyman is taller than the Northerner realises, but it finds the man’s unprotected shin, and he grunts in pain. The Journeyman does not retaliate, instead he focuses his rage, grabs the chains binding the Khemronite woman, braces his foot against the wall and heaves.

Strength check with ADV to beat AC of 16
Rolled a 14 (+3 STR bonus)
Check passes

The chain yields as the Journeyman rips it from the wall in a shower of rock...

End of session 2, part 1

Apologies for closing this session earlier than intended, but I have something on this Sunday morning. I figured it was better to post something than nothing. Hopefully, I will get the chance on Monday or Tuesday to pick up the dice and finish the session.