It’s been a while since I posted a writing update, because I’ve not written much for longer than I care to admit. The main reason has been my commitment to Nexus3, a service to help people find table-top role playing games. However, it’s looking like Nexus3 is a (very) slow burn, and I see no reason to continue developing it until it gains some traction. Nexus3 was never my passionate project, but for more than a year it’s monopolised the precious little time I have outside of work and family commitments. My writing has suffered enormously. My blog has withered to a trickle, I lost all momentum with The Codex of Destiny, and I haven’t published a book since before the pandemic. Failure has weighed heavily upon me, my self-esteem and mental health.

So, time to move on. With the arrival of winter down under, I’ve decided to complete the manuscript I hope will reignite my passion for writing, and lay the foundations of the fantasy series I’ve had stuck in my head for far too many years. I do well with goals, and so I’ll give myself until the end of September to finish a workable first draft. The manuscript, of course, is my long overdue rewrite of The Weaver's Boy, or whatever I decide to call it.

To keep myself honest, I’ll post progress updates, either in this email format, or perhaps even a short, ephemeral video blog like a YouTube short — do let me know what you’d prefer.

The only other bit of news, is that I’m typing this on my recently purchased mechanical keyboard!

Writing update, July 2023

An admission of failure, and a long overdue writing update.