Lonely Table Games

I launch Lonely Table Games, a blog to explore and play solo tabletop roleplaying games.

Lonely Table Games
Photo by Joe Maldonado / Unsplash

I've launched a new website, Lonely Table Games, – kind of a sister site to this one – where I can explore the hobby of solo tabletop roleplaying games, mostly by posting my actual play sessions. I started playing solo-TTRPGs a couple of years ago, even posting some early experiments on this site, mostly to kick the tyres of my Alashiya setting.

However, I decided actual play sessions weren't really the right fit for ChrisRosser.net and I abandoned it when I started writing and serialising the Codex of Destiny.

Still, I enjoy the hobby a lot – both as a writing exercise and a form of entertainment, so after much dithering (and realising I never find a group, even though I'm the lead developer of Nexus 3) I've launched Lonely Table Games as a fun little site where I can roll dice, consult oracles, and riff off random tables while slaughtering my characters.

If this is something you think you'd like to follow, please drop by and consider subscribing!