I take break from writing to help my kids' local gymnastics teacher raise money for Ukrainian families.


Australia's about as far away from Ukraine as you can get in the world, yet you feel the ripples of war, tyranny, and injustice no matter where you are. This morning I learned our local gymnastics club, which my three kids attend, is owned and operated by Ukrainian-born former Olympian Alyona Kvasha. She's a delightful young woman and mother. After my daughter finished her lesson, Alyona told my wife stories of her friends and family's experiences that moved her to tears.

Since the war began, Alyona has sent her business profits directly to Ukrainian families in dire need of support. This isn't sustainable for her in the long run, so she's started to crowdfund donations via MyCause.com.au.

Suppose you could find it in your heart to donate. You'd be contributing directly to people in need – not the government, not the military, nor organised charities who make money vanish in the machinery of corporate overheads.

I know it's a hard ask. So, if it helps, I'll grant anyone who donates, a month of complimentary premium membership for every $5 Australian you give. Donate $100 or more, and I'll make you a lifelong member. This grants access to my books, serialised stories and every premium, members-only post. It's not much, but it's the least I can do.