Surveys and CDNs

I publish the results of a reader survey, and make a public service announcement about a change in my site's DNS, which could result in outages over the next 48 hours.

Surveys and CDNs
Photo by Isaac Smith / Unsplash

Thanks to all my members who completed my short story survey. I had plenty of responses and wasn't surprised when the majority of responders voted for serialised fantasy short stories. I'll be starting a weekly story from next week, which I'll send out via email on Sundays my time (Saturday for my American members).

CDN / Nameserver change

From today I'm starting the process of changing my site's DNS to Cloudfare so I can take advantage of their Global Content Delivery Network. This should make my site more robust against outages, and make it much faster for those of you outside the east coast of America where my web server resides.

Unfortunately, this may result in intermittent outages to my website over the next 48 hours while the migration and changes propagate. Hopefully, it all goes well, and if not I can always wind things back...

Wish me luck!