The Ragfeld Mountains are a prominent mountain chain on the western half of Izla Kraneg. The prominent chain form a physical barrier between the Vale of Mendoc and the Langorn Plateau as well as providing a political buffer-zone between the Duchy of Mendoc and the Prenig-speaking Principality of Langorn.

The only large settlements occur in the mountain’s to two habitable river valleys, Cae Valley and Mendoc Valley, both formed by ancient glaciers. Notable exceptions include Falmurgor and a small bwgal enclave, the former housed on a mountain citadel to the east of Mendoc Valley, the latter housed within a mountain to the west of Cae Valley.

Settlements within the mountain range are independent of the two competing realms, though influence shifts over the years as alliances are formed and broken. The exception is Falmurgor, which remains aloof of both Langorn and Kas Mendoc, thanks to its unassailable location and impregnable fortress.

The mountain range is an important source of silver and iron.

Cae Valley

The Cae Valley is a remote, sparsely populated glacial valley located on the western fringe of the Ragfeld Mountains. It takes its name from the Cae river, which originates in the higher elevations and cuts through the valley’s centre on its journey towards the sea. The valley forms a narrow rift, surrounded by mountains with often sheer cliffs and steep gorges. The rift stretches from the Langorn Plateau to the western edges of the Vale of Mendoc. The southern mouth is guarded by the Kingdom by Abercrav, the western-most fortification along Gwilym's Chain.

Its remote position on the western side of the mountain range means the valley and its two principal settlements, Skeinhold and Colfrick, are regarded as backwaters with little economic or strategic value to the Venyk lands to the south. Nevertheless, the valley has been fought over sporadically, particularly by the Princes of Langorn, whose power was held in check by the rulers of Skeinhold.

Heavily wooded in the south, the valley is rich in game but poor soils, climate and steep terrain make it difficult to farm anything except small terraces sowed with oats and root vegetables. The terrain favours sheep, which are grazed in the high meadows, while cattle grazing is limited to the disputed lands between Colfrick and Langorn.

The mountains to the west of the valley are a known source of silver, though exploitation is limited to small-scale panning and prospecting thanks to the difficult terrain, and the reputed presence of a hostile bwgal population.

The entire valley's population is less than 10,000 people. The only towns are Skeinhold and Colfrick. Of the two, Colfrick is the more mercantile, while Skeinhold's community clusters around the castle and the small manors controlled by Clan Gyndaf. Dozens of hamlets and villages scatter the valley, making up the bulk of the population.

Ragfeld Mountains

A prominent mountain chain separate two rival powers.