When I migrated to Ghost from Pelican, I left behind the section containing my books. In the old static site I’d designed them with a different layout and theme from my blog posts, and when I started using Ghost I didn’t know enough about the system to bring them across. So, as an interim solution, I collated the books in a subdomain hosted as a static-site on Netlify.

I’m pleased to say, I no longer need to do that, and now the books section is back in Scriptorium. The reason being is over the last weeks I’ve doubled down on Ghost, learning more about collections and custom templates. The upside is that I now feel confident enough to add the books section back, and thanks to Ghost’s membership feature, I can do a lot more than I could with the old static site.

Case in point, I can now make my books available to read online in their entirety. I’ve started with Cadoc’s Contract, the prelude novella of my Grimdark fantasy series, The Weaver Cycle. Chapters 1 and 2 are available for all members to read, while the entire book is available to my premium members. I’ve formatted the chapters differently to my regular articles to give them a more bookish theme.

I’ll be adding my next novella shortly, and a lot more besides now that I’ve learnt how to create these sections. I'm only beginning to scratch the surface of what Ghost is capable of, and am I'm beavering away to make Scriptorium the best I can make it.

Cadoc’s Contract
Would you take a hundred lives to save your own? Cadoc wanted more than the life of a simple farmer. So, when Artur, Duke of Kas Mendoc raised his banner, Cadoc answered the call, marching south to enlist in a great crusade against the Oskoi. He travels to a distant

Books are back

Hacking Ghost, I have at last pulled the books section back into my site, severing the last thread connecting me from Pelican. Oh, and my my premium members can now read the entire Cadoc's Contract online in their browser.