Two birds, one stone

Asked by my eldest son to run a D&D session for his birthday party, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and use my Alashiya setting for a one-shot adventure.

Two birds, one stone

A couple of weeks ago, my eldest son said he wanted a D&D themed party for his birthday. My wife rolled her eyes, but I accepted the challenge. That means in a few weeks I'll be running a one-shot as Dungeon Master for a bunch of ten-year-old boys. I'm quietly crapping myself, because 1. I've never run a session for that many people, and 2. of the kid's dad is an American ex-pat who's played D&D since the late 1980s, and he has (and possibly his son) has played every 5th edition adventure.

The last thing I need is a ten-year-old boy metagaming on me. So, my plan is to homebrew both setting and story. Fortunately, I've done enough world-building in my Alashiya setting, that I feel I can set a one-shot there in the City of Akrium, where I've stared playing my Solo-RPG campaign, Journeyman. Or, if I'm honest, I've got enough of an idea of how to flesh out the setting over the next week.

I've planned a rough story line, and worked out who the villains are, and what they want. I'm developing puzzles and riddles for the Players to solve as part of the story. For the world-building aspects, I need to map the city, create some factions and NPCs to help (or hinder) the players along the way. I also need to create a bunch of pre-gen character sheets, character tokens, initiative tents, and some basic quick reference guides for those who haven't played before.

Crikey, that's a lot of work, so I best get cracking. As I world-build Akrium, I'll be putting it up on the Codex. I'll also make the one-shot adventure available in the Codex, along with all the puzzles I write, which someone might find helpful!