VS Code

Over on Twitter, I make a public admission about my surprising love for VS Code.

VS Code

Okay, here goes...

Yes, I finally admitted it in public, and payed Microsoft a complement I never thought I would. This one-time enemy of open source has created what I think is the best FOSS code editor out there right now.

While I still love Sublime Text, I found myself using VS Code more and more, until I realised it had become my go to editor. Along with Safari, Ulysses and Terminal.app it's open whenever I use my Mac.

In addition to being a bloody good markdown editor, VS Code is also the best Python IDE I've ever used, thanks to it's rich plugins, intellisence, and performance. And, yes, for an electron app, I really can't fault its performance.

I don't think I need to write a full review of VS Code – plenty of folk have done that already – but you'll certainly see more of it as I write some technical-focused tutorials  in coming weeks.