Ad-free reading

I remove Google Adsense adverts for all my site's members -- free and premium -- because adverts suck.

Ad-free reading

I hate adverts, I really do. I hate it even though I make more money from advertising than I do from my two published books. Google's Adsense auto-ads really screws with the design of my site, and this upsets me when I think of the shitty experience it creates for my readers.

Originally, I only removed adverts for premium subscribes, but I've changed my mind and, effective immediate I've disabled Google Adverts for all registered members – free and premium. Yes, this will cost me revenue, yes it's one less incentive people need to become premium members – but I think it's the right move.

So, if you are member, adverts will no disappear the moment you sign in. Next up, I'll look at disabling Google Analytics for members too.